Part 1: The Wedding Nightmare

She nervously held her hand high, softly caressing her throbbing head as her mind raced swiftly through the mountain of things yet undone. It was a pestering evening; she was supposed to be enjoying her last day as a spinster with her girlfriends- but the tasks yet undone to achieve her dream marriage could let… Continue reading Part 1: The Wedding Nightmare

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Loving people with money

There is a lot we will explore about money, which together with love and sex are some of what we will be exploring more often here, as they are part of the strong forces influencing our character and identity, as Christians, and young people, but for today, we talk about money. Misheck Mbevi once said… Continue reading Loving people with money

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God of miracles is not God of miracles

There have always been these individuals who assert unapologetically that miracles are not only a crucial aspect of the Christian life, but they are the very stamp of God on Christian’s legitimacy and authenticity as people of God. This argument quotes the apostolic church of the first century where God confirmed the people’s words with… Continue reading God of miracles is not God of miracles

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Redeeming Love- Book Review,

Angel has never known love, and the kind she knows only led to hurt, real emotional wounds that eat joy and relationships meant to be enjoyed like a cancer. Her father, Alex Stafford, hated her even before she was born that he demanded that Mae, Angel’s mother, abort her. Angel craved her father’s love like… Continue reading Redeeming Love- Book Review,

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Man-boys plague

I tend to get personal with some stories, and I think there is a lot I have been hearing about menfolk/boychild I don’t like. The last one year has left the land dotted with all manners of misbehaviours and upsetting incidences. It is an appalling picture, KCPE candidates, around 14-15 years of age delivering within… Continue reading Man-boys plague

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The Famous Commission

The Easter festive season is still in our minds and I am sure we all celebrated in our own different ways the lockdown and COVID-19 notwithstanding. I am also certain that we may have scoured the narratives of Jesus’ death and resurrection with a sensation of accomplishment or finale, sorrowful elegance or wowed reflection. One… Continue reading The Famous Commission


My Break-up Letter

Lost innocence: Broken boundaries Part 2 Catch part 1 here Dear Unloved Smut   Image from here When we first met, it was like a normal, but secret dating relationship: it was exciting, the rush of adrenaline, the dopamine hormones in my brain spoke of the pleasure of having you, exotic, a lot of attention… Continue reading My Break-up Letter


Pornography; The silent huge distractor

Lost Innocence: broken boundaries Part 1 Image from (here) The old metallic bed complained in a series of creaks as William shifted the weight of his frame from one side to the other. He didn’t even realize it had been three hours since he started his evening ritual. Tomorrow was Sunday-his worst day; he wasn’t… Continue reading Pornography; The silent huge distractor


Living Ghost part 2; Hopeful in a broken world

Catch part 1 here. His mind slowly cleared, settled, and followed Kirkson as he said, “… suffering is not an evidence of God’s absence. If you closely follow the stories of the heroes of faith, the heroes of the old, you will find a God who rather than being desperate is in the business of… Continue reading Living Ghost part 2; Hopeful in a broken world

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Book Review of Boy meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship by Joshua Harris

Image from here What is the most important function of courting or dating for that matter? Whatever your answer is, is it a fat emphatic yes to marriage or is it knowing whether the journey to marriage should proceed or not? Filled with anecdotal evidence, Harris spruces biblical principles on dating, courtship, romance, engagement, marriage,… Continue reading Book Review of Boy meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship by Joshua Harris

CHRISTIAN FICTION, The Galilean Chronicles

Galilean Chronicles

Ch15 “Whack!” That was the last lash on his already-torn back, it looked like an awful network of scarred flesh left by a marauding lioness. The unbearable bone and metal pieces at the tip end of the five-thronged whip agonizingly pulled his flesh escaping with a pound of his skin, his dermis and epidermis. His… Continue reading Galilean Chronicles


Living Ghost Part 1

He was acrimonious. Bitter. Bitter at the world for laughing at him. He uninterruptedly wallowed in waves of anger as the loud-mouthed pretty boy enjoyed narrating a heart-warming tale of Jackie Chan and his magical sword. The singing lady at the lecture room back row center chair with an appreciative audience was offensive as she… Continue reading Living Ghost Part 1


Luck’s porch Part 2

Luck, simply has to do with experiencing a fortunate encounter, and unlucky similarly has to do with terrible events. Ecclesiastes 9:11-12 sells the idea of bad luck and good luck. The preacher observed the swift may not win the race, and the strong may not win the battle. Favour does not favour the brilliant neither… Continue reading Luck’s porch Part 2


Luck’s porch Part 1

It was around early June, and things were relatively tough, a bit more to the students of course. The Kenyan government had just introduced an entire series of new notes. It’s not once or twice I had heard people complain after confusing the 500-shilling-note for the 200 and confusing the 50-shilling-note for the 100. And… Continue reading Luck’s porch Part 1

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ksh.150 cost me, a 2-year-old acquaintance

[IMage from: I don’t know whether it’s only me or many have lost friends over 600. Sad, right? Or maybe not yet understood what I mean? So, friends and family, we take care of each other, right? Or at least we are supposed to. That care has a financial dimension. I remember my spiritual… Continue reading ksh.150 cost me, a 2-year-old acquaintance

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Politics is not a dirty game; people play it dirty

To tackle the mindboggling question from the previous piece available here, let's consider the Golden rule from the mouth of the Apostles, in accordance with the pattern of the early church as in Acts 5:29- But Peter and the apostles answered, "We must obey God rather than men. (ESV) A few instances before, Peter challenged… Continue reading Politics is not a dirty game; people play it dirty

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Politics is not a dirty game

"Most of our problems today stem from a crisis of leadership!...The nations are suffering under a vacuum of leadership! This is not just in government but also in virtually every major center of influence, including the Church! ... It will take more than just good election results to get us out of the mire/mess we’re in.… Continue reading Politics is not a dirty game

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The Prophetic and the Gospel

Have you ever been cornered by the statement "God is saying?" Self-professing men of God releasing prophecies which leave you with nothing else but to obey-even if you have doubts about the authenticity? Does true prophets still exist? If they do, what do they do? How can we certify their Godcenterism or God-centredness? At what… Continue reading The Prophetic and the Gospel

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A pitying Gospel?

                   As a Christian it's hard to avoid thinking, what the gospel is-- What is its foundations? We often have an economic grand-summary of 'the Evangelistic Gospel' in a Jesus-came-to-save-sinners view before filling the rest of the story convincingly with fantastical imagination of what God will do with… Continue reading A pitying Gospel?